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Traditional Indonesian beauty Treatment a New Experience

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traditional Indonesian Beauty Treatment a New Experience

  • A massage will relax your tired muscles
  • A massage will stimulate your blood circula
  • Massage will balance, stimulate, harmonize your lympatic system
  • A massage will leave you with refreshed feeling
  • A massage is a relief
  • Low back pain and stress

To Feel More Comfortable

  • You may specify who, among our professionaly trained staff you would prefer as masseur/masseuse
  • Take a shower before you appointment
  • Come in slippers before you appointment
  • Avoid jewelleries and watch
  • After the massage, a shower is available with all amenities the spa


You may choose from the following options and even combine them

A Touch of Toraja

A gentle nurturing and relaxing 'full' body massage incorporating stretching, long strokes, acupressure and palm pressure. Aromatherapy oils will rejuvenate your body.

Earth & Sky Massage

Offer a good relief to your feet after a loong walking day, this part of the massage is based on Shiatsu technics and reflexology. The second part will relax your neck and your head with Swedish and Balinese technics.

Javanese Lulur Body Scrub

In addition to the 60 min. Touch of Toraja massage, discover a traditional Indonesian 'Lulur' body scrub. It will purify and clean your skin leaving it fresh, smooth & soft. The 'lulur' is apllied to the whole body. To add radiance your skin will be moisturezed with yogurt.

Refreshing Facial

To clean and refresh your skin we offer two facial treatments. The first one is based on Martha Tilaar Biokos product. The second one is made from natural 'cosmetics' from the garden.

In Room Aromatheraphy Bath

Rejuvenate your skin with warm and fragnant bath in the comfort of your room. The bath uses scented salts, flowers and aromatheraphy oils.

A Ritual Bathing

Enjoy in a total privacy the pleasure of a sauna.